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About Little Energies

a children's chakra aligned oracle deck

Little Energies is a chakra aligned oracle deck designed to help children learn about and support their own healthy energy system. It is 24 oracle cards written and designed just for kids! The cards are set up to be simple to use while also opening up space for growth, balance, and learning in their energy system.


Each of the 8 chakras has 3 suite cards representing the mind, body, and energy. This guides your child to a whole-self approach for growth and self-trust.


There are also 5 information cards that help support the oracle deck by teaching about the chakra system, how to use the deck, and an individual card describing each suite.

The Mind cards are Mantra Cards. Mantra Affirmations turn our mind towards helpful thoughts. They are short, happy statements that bring us into a positive mindset. Our mood can improve when we take one helpful phrase and repeat it. If your child pulls a Mantra card, it will support helpful healthy thoughts throughout their day.

The Body cards are Movement Cards. Making a movement choice that supports what your child’s energy needs is important for healthy energy flow. Each one of the Movement cards have a specific energy action that will help your child’s energy move in a good way. When they draw one of these cards and try out the movement it suggests it will support a healthy energy flow.


The Energy Cards are Imagination Cards- otherwise known as Envisioning. The Imagination cards allow your child to imagine their energy and feel it growing in their body. Since we all have a natural energy flow, these cards will support your child knowing and feeling their own. When your child draws an imagination card, it describes an image for them to tune into which in turn helps them FEEL what that energy feels like in their energy system. This is key to knowing themselves and what their energy feels like.

Together the Little Energy cards create a whole experience for your child in understanding and working with their own energy system. I know I wish I had a tool like this in my toolbox when I was a child. That is just one of the reasons why I created this deck. Another reason is that the children around me were intrigued and curious about their own energy systems.  They soaked it in anytime I held space for conversation with them about it so I felt called by the Universe to create Little Energies!

I hope that you will consider this deck for the children in your life. Together we can support our future in these Little Energies around us to help turn them in to BIG ONES!

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